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White Rabbit Candy

Prep Time:

5 Minutes

Cook Time:

15-20 Minutes


a small tray of about 10cm x 8 cm x 1 cm of milk candies



About the Recipe

I love this candy for its creamy and milk taste….


  • 200 grams of fresh cream for whipping

  • 200 grams of fresh milk

  • 35 grams of castor sugar

  • Some edible rice paper (if you want to wrap the candy)


Get ready a container lined with some aluminum foil or non-stick baking paper.

  • In a non-stick pan, put the 3 ingredients together. Bring to a boil under medium heat. Once it boils, lower to low heat, continue boiling until it thickens, with lots of bubbles and the color turns light yellowish. During this process, constant stirring is required to prevent burning in the bottom. The color will slightly darken from white to beige to light yellow. If you continue to let it boil, it will become brownish meaning the sugar is burnt and starts caramelization. It should be slightly thicker than the consistency of condensed milk. As an estimation, the timing should be about 15-20 minutes.

  • Transfer to the prepared container and chill in the freezer after completely cooled for at least 5-6 hours. If time permits, it is best to chill overnight. Cut into your desired sizes and wrap with edible rice paper if preferred. Best serve directly from the fridge.


Trust me, the sweet is delicious. It is softer and milkier than the store bought version. It will melt in your mouth. I have a hard time keeping my kids away as they are eyeing on these homemade candies than the store bought version. Reasons are simple, they are eating cream, fresh milk and sugar in a concentrated form. If you are concerned that it is sweet, you can lower the sugar by 10%.. But for me, for a small piece, it is just nice to curb my sugar cravings after a heavy meal.

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