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Watermelon Jello Snack

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About the Recipe

TikTok Fruit Watermelon is a fun-to-eat TikTok Viral Dessert


  • 1 personal size watermelon

  • strawberries, washed, tops removed and quartered

  • blueberries, washed

  • raspberries, washed

  • 2 kiwifruit, peeled and cut into slices and quartered (SEE NOTE)

  • 2 boxes, 1 oz. each, unflavored gelatin (1 box has 4 packets inside)

  • 1 cup white sugar

  • 2 cups water

  • 2 cups boiling water


This awesome and striking TikTok Fruit Watermelon contains loads of delicious and fresh fruits combined in a base of gelatin.

The gelatin is unflavored but tastes a bit like the fruit of course, which is light and friendly to keep the real focus on the fruit.

To get started on making this viral and trendy dessert recipe, make sure you have the ingredients above on hand.

Fruit and Jell-O have had a long-standing relationship with each other. It goes back to pretty much every 50’s picnic and church get-together EVER. But not all fruit get along with gelatin and some float over sinks.

To top it off, gelatin doesn’t actually STICK to fruit, fruit is more encased inside of it, so while making TikTok Fruit Watermelon is FUN, the realistic point of view is just to stick to a fruit salad if you need to present it.

What fruit goes best in Jell-O?

There are many types of fruit that can go great in a Jell-O dish. So while this TikTok Watermelon has raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, feel free to try other cut up fruits like:

Try using strawberries, seedless grapes, mandarin oranges, and small bits of apple.

What Fruit cannot go into a Jell-o Watermelon?

As you can see in the original recipe from TikTok, it contains Kiwi. We did follow

Kiwi contains a protein that makes gelatin not solidify and stick, so in the recipe card, we are leaving OUT the kiwi in hopes that the recreations will be a lot more solid.

We also do not recommend pineapple or banana. Pineapple has the same situation as Kiwi and banana browns easily.

Will there be left over Jell-O?

Chances are if you are asking this, the answer is that you have leftover Jell-O. Because watermelon sizes vary GREATLY, it really is impossible to know how much overall product you may have at the end. It is so much better to have a little bit left than to be short.

Remember to fill up the entire watermelon with gelatin.

How full should the watermelon be?

The watermelon should have fruit ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP to help prevent the fruit from floating.

Cutting Fruit Watermelon

Once the gelatin in the watermelon is COMPLETELY SET, cut into slices and serve while cold!

Even if a bit of fruit falls off the slices, this TikTok recipe is fun to make, is beautiful and fresh, and kids will still be delighted and enjoy it

  • 1. Make sure you have a place in your refrigerator for a 9×13 pan. 

  • 2. Cut the watermelon in half. Use a spoon to hollow out the inside and place the watermelon in a bowl to eat later or use for another recipe.

  • 3. Drain the juice from the watermelon shell. 

  • 4. Add strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and kiwifruit in each watermelon half. Do this in layers.

  • 5. Add a handful of each fruit and then begin to repeat layers. This way the items are mixed up.

  • 6. Place the watermelon into a 9×13 pan and if necessary, tuck loosely crumpled pieces of foil around the watermelon to keep it level, or from tipping over. 

  • 7. Add gelatin, sugar and 2 cups water a large bowl with a spout. Mix well. Let stand for 5 minutes. Mix again.

  • 8. Add 2 cups boiling water and mix until completely dissolved

  • 9. Pour into watermelon until full. 

  • 10. Place in the refrigerator and refrigerate 4-6 hour or overnight.

  • 11.  Remove from the refrigerator and cut into slices and serve. 

  • 12. Serve uneaten watermelon slices covered in the refrigerator 


The original TikTok Fruit Watermelon we tested had kiwi. Kiwifruit typically has a protein that prevents gelatin from setting correctly, so in the interest of helping the next person, it is removed from the ingredient list. 

Please substitute with unseeded halved grapes or more strawberries. 

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