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Chantelle’s BEST Granola Ever (no lie!)

Prep Time:

10 minutes

Cook Time:

70 minutes





About the Recipe


  • 6 cups old-fashioned rolled oats

  • 2 cups flaked coconut

  • 1 cup wheat germ

  • 1 cup sliced/slivered almonds

  • 1 cup pecans, chopped

  • 1 cup salted, shelled sunflower seeds

  • 1 cup pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds)

  • 1 cup dried cranberries

  • 1 cup golden raisins

  • 1 cup demerara sugar (Demerara sugar is produced from sugarcane and consists of large grains which provide a nice, crunchy texture)

  • ¾ cup coconut oil

  • ½ cup water

  • 2 tablespoons real vanilla


  1. In a very large metal bowl, combine the first ten ingredients and mix well.

  2. In a medium saucepan, combine the coconut oil, water and real vanilla.  Heat until oil is melted and well combined.

  3. Pour over dry ingredients and stir very well to distribute liquid equally.

  4. Place in the oven and bake for 70 minutes at 250°F, stirring every 15 minutes.  

  5. Remove from the oven and cool completely. 

  6. Store in an airtight container. 

  7. Enjoy as breakfast cereal, as a yogurt topping or just as a dry snack. Delicious!

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