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Fruit Vinegar

Prep Time:

10 Minutes

Cook Time:




About the Recipe

Fermenting your own fruit vinegar from scratch is an easy and fun project.


  • 1-3 cups of fruit peels, pulp, or chopped fresh fruit

  • 4 cups water

  • 1½ cups sugar


Homemade vinegar is one of those unusual but easy projects that the whole family can get behind. All you really have to do is stir and wait. What could be simpler?

  1. Place clean chopped fruit, fruit peels, and/or pulp in a medium sized bowl.

  2. Dissolve sugar in the water.

  3. Pour water over the fruit, and stir to combine.

  4. Let sit in a warm place for about a week, or until the mixture darkens.

  5. Strain out the fruit, re-cover and let sit another 2 - 4 weeks, stirring occasionally.

  6. Taste to make sure the mixture has fermented enough to get that vinegar taste.

  7. Heat the vinegar to 140 degrees to stabilize the vinegar. Watch carefully, if heated over 160 degrees you will ruin the vinegar!

  8. Pour the vinegar into decorative bottles. Add oak chips to each bottle for additional flavor.

  9. Plug bottles with caps, corks, or plastic tops.

  10. Label with type and date and let age in a cool, dark place for 6 months if desired..

  11. Note: Bottles, caps,oak chips, and plastic top tasting corks can all be purchased at a brewing or wine making supply store. Decorative bottles can be purchased at craft supply stores.

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