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Ready or Not #172: SuperTanker Water Storage

“So, how was it boiling your drinking and washing water?” That is a question that you could have asked quite a few people in our surrounding areas this last little while. With all of the flooding and the high run-off because of the high temperatures and the quick melting snow, there were a lot of cities that had their water systems contaminated.

Lucky for me, I wasn’t one of the unlucky ones, but if you were in the areas that were affected and you had your water stored (two gallons, per person, per day, for a two-week period), then you didn’t have to worry as much. You were prepared!

If you were in one of the affected areas, I’ll bet that you were suddenly aware of how much water you use when you don’t even think about it. How many times did you go to wash your hands and then couldn’t because you only had access to contaminated water? Sure, it isn’t hard to hand wash the dishes because you can wash them after you boil the water for five minutes – but then you had to wait for the water to cool down enough to be able to stand the hot temperatures! (This might be a good time to mention that storing disposable plates, cups, utensils, and handi-wipes is always a good idea.)

Using the bathroom wouldn’t have been such a big deal because who cares if the water you are using is contaminated, I mean after all… But what about washing your hands after? And a shower? Out of the question. Maybe a bath, at least for the little ones because it is really hot outside and they are so dirty. That might work out because by the time you boil enough water to fill half the tub, the water that you boiled first might be cooled down and be safe enough for them to use. Maybe.

Have you noticed that I haven’t even talked about how thirsty you were? I don’t know what it is, but when you are denied something, you always seem to want it even more. How often do you just take a sip or two from a glass just to dump the rest down the sink and then a half hour later, come back and do the same thing? In a water-denied crisis situation, you don’t have that option; you must use every drop as though it is very precious because – well, because it is.

If you have stored your water, and I hope you have, then know that you don’t have to worry about most of the things that I have just mentioned. And if you had enough water stored and you wanted to take a bath, or if you have a nifty portable shower, you could bathe because you don’t have to boil the water for a full five minutes – only warm it up, and that is doable.

In the past I have talked about the different ways to store water: 50 gallon barrels, 5-7 gallon containers, 2-liters, individual serving bottles and large hand dishwashing soap bottles for washing dishes and cleaning, but I found another way that I really like. I have always been a little frustrated with the 50 gallon containers because you had to have a pump for them and they also took up a lot of room, especially if you had to have more than one!

I have seen larger water storage systems that I liked, but I would never be able to bring them in my house and I didn’t have a satisfactory area to leave them outside – until now. Now you have two wonderful, alternative choices that you can fit in your basement or garage. You have the choice between either 125 gallon container or a 250 gallon container and you can get them in either blue or white. The picture shows the blue 250 gallon container; it’s a thing of beauty.

These containers are specifically made to fit through normal doorways and can fit into most people’s basements or garages. They measure 28”x36”x44” for the 125 gallon container and 28”x36”x81” for 250 gallons. I am so excited! Right now, I have five people in my household and so I figure that I need no less than 140 gallons for two weeks – one of these barrels will carry my family for nearly a month! This is literally like Christmas in July! And it only gets better.

These containers have spring loaded vented caps so that you get a good flow when you are draining your water. And you ask how am I going to use my pump on something so large? You aren’t because there is no need for a pump. You have a convenient spigot located far enough from the floor that you can easily fit a five or six gallon container under it and there is also a ball valve with a hose adapter at the bottom to drain the water! And you didn’t think that storing water could be fun!

If you are interested in buying one of these (and who wouldn’t be?), just search for “Super Tanker water storage” and you will find plenty of dealers. I found several different prices ranging from $439.00 to $550.00 for the 250 gallon containers, which I thought were very reasonable considering they hold so much water in such a small area. Granted you could buy five 50 gallon containers cheaper, but we are talking about how valuable your space is and the convenience of rotating or using your water – whether you are three or 103.

Now go get a drink of water and remind yourself how lucky you are to have fresh, clean water with the twist of a tap.

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